Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back With 3 Quick and Easy Adjustments

So you broke up... or rather, she broke up with you. Hey, it happens. Relationships are hard, and it's not always easy to see signs of trouble before they arrive.

How To Get Girlfriend Back

The more important question: what did you do next? Did you try to reason with her? Tell her your side of things? Promise to change? Beg your ex to stay?

When these things failed, did you keep on trying? Did you argue and fight with your girlfriend over breaking up with you, only to have her do it anyway?

The fact is, your breakup occured for a very specific reason: because it's what she wanted. So to get her back? All you really need do is change what your girlfriend wants... or currently thinks she wants.

Whatever you've done so far to get your girlfriend back, it needs to end right now, right here, as you read this very sentence. Because to win your ex back, you'll need a whole different approach.

Think of it this way: Ever try to do something and fail? When you tried again, did you do it the same way... or did you modify your approach a little bit?

The same thing goes for reversing a breakup. You can't keep plugging away with the same old tired things. "I love you", "We're good together", "I know what I did wrong..." Your girlfriend is numb to these things by now, and your words fall on deaf ears.

If you want her back you'll need to make adjustments. Does this mean you're changing yourself into someone you're not? Not by a longshot. But it does mean you're willing to make concessions when it comes to how you approach your ex.

Quit Acting Like a Total Pansy In Front of Your Ex Girlfriend

Have you told your ex how awesome she is? How much you really love her? How she lights up your day, and how beautiful she looks every time you see her?

STOP IT. These things are destroying your chances. They're pumping your ex girlfriend's ego while making you look pathetic at the same time.

No girl will respect a guy who literally throws themselves at her feet. This isn't the movies, and it's not Disney. This is real life, and to get your ex back you'll need her real life RESPECT.

The best way to get her back is to just be yourself. Be a man. Don't be overly sweet or affectionate, and don't sugarcoat everything you say to her. At the same time however, you also don't want to be a moody jerk. Even though you're hurting right now, you can't let your girlfriend see it. You can't be bitter, you can't be sarcastic, and you can't be nasty toward your ex if you want her back.

For some excellent ideas on how you should be acting around your ex girlfriend, check out these techniques. Why? Because learning how to attract your ex is an important and vital part of making her want you again.

Stop Trying To Change Your Ex's Mind About The Breakup

Know how long it took for your girlfriend to break up with you? A long while. Your ex made the decision to leave days or even weeks before she broke the news to you, and she even prepared a defense against your defense to keep you from stopping her.

That said, stopping her becomes impossible. Your ex WANTS the breakup and you need to let her have it - at least for now. Why? Because she doesn't want you to talk her out of it. Any attempts to do so will end in failure, and your ex will resent you for trying to change her mind.

Once you've accepted the breakup and even become a proponent for it? You're putting yourself on her side. Your ex can no longer argue with you, because you're not fighting the breakup. This keeps her from putting her guard totally up, making it easier to approach her about getting back together later on.

Stop Trying To Push Yourself Back Into Your Ex Girlfriend's Life

Don't think you are? Well you are. Every single time you call her, "just to say hi", your ex knows the purpose of that call. There's no such thing as checking to "see if she's alright"... at least not with the ulterior motive of wanting her to take you back.

Every single email you send your ex girlfriend is one more lame attempt at keeping up contact. Every text-message is like jamming your foot in the door of your relationship while she's trying to keep it closed. There are no 'innocent' emails or text-messages; only those designed to try and maintain your ex girlfriend's attention. For this reason alone, you need to stop trying to push yourself on her and start working toward pulling away.

Getting Exgirlfriend Back

Because guess what? Actually missing you is the one thing that will get your ex girlfriend back. She can't miss you until you've actually withdrawn from her life, and this includes her email inbox, phone message list, MySpace page, and Facebook wall.

The more contact you have with your ex after the breakup, the less she's going to miss you. And the less she misses you? The less and less she thinks about you, until you blend right into the background noise of the rest of her life.

If you want your girlfriend back you need to make positive changes in the way she sees and considers you. These changes start with one person: YOU.

Remember: you're not changing the core, fundamental person you are. This is the guy your ex fell in love with, and you don't want him changed. But what you are changing it the approach you're making toward getting your ex back, as well as the attitude you have toward reversing the breakup.

Your actions, and sometimes your inactions, can go a long way toward whether or not your ex will be attracted to you as a boyfriend and potential lover again.

Never leave getting back together to chance, especially if you really love and value your past relationship. By arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible, you're leaving yourself with every available option when it comes to getting her back.

And if she's still ignoring you after making these changes? There are ways of grabbing your exgirlfriend's attention again. The only catch is that you need her to see you in positive ways.

If this is your situation, check out this FREE audio advice.

Some of the ideas found here will help you get back on track toward reversing how your ex currently sees and accepts you. You'll also learn instant reversal techniques designed to make your girlfriend need you again, even if you haven't had much in the way of contact with her.

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