Getting Back Your Ex When She's Dating Someone Else

This is part two of winning your girlfriend back from another guy. For part one, be sure to click here.

Undermining Her Current Relationship Without Her Knowing It

When your exgirlfriend starts poking around for you, it's a sure sign you're doing something right. Instead of concentrating on her situation, she's suddenly wondering what's going on in your own life. This is a huge indication she's thinking about you. She's nervous about losing you, and not just as a friend. Even though she dumped you, she doesn't want you to move on. As pressure builds, she's going to examine her current relationship more closely. And here's where you can begin to exploit those cracks you spotted earlier.

Ex With Another Man

Another thing that's bound to happen: your ex's new boyfriend will become aware of your presence. If he doesn't already know his girlfriend is still in contact with you, he's going to hear her mention you a lot. There's a good possibility he even forbids her from contacting you, which is an extremely awesome thing to happen. The more angry, jealous, and defensive he gets... the easier it will be to steal her back from him. Why? Because as he loses control and tries to grip her more tightly, your ex is going to resent him from trying to control her in the first place.

Your ex will then do one of two things: continue to speak to you secretly, or try to convince her boyfriend (and herself, believe it or not) that you're nothing more than a friend. She might slap him with the "you can't choose my friends!" argument, which will lead to even more infighting... all because of you. As you appear to distance yourself from the situation, your ex will fight to keep in even closer contact with you - especially if you've been supporting her through all those great conversations these past weeks. The opening magic has worn off her relationship with her current boyfriend, while your star is actually on the rise.

When you begin seeing signs of this, you can start upping the ante. Here's where you can start agreeing with your ex whenever she complains about her boyfriend. Nod your head, tell her she's right, and that yes - that's pretty messed up of him to try and control her. She certainly doesn't deserve to be treated like that. Don't go overboard here, but you can definitely start chipping away at the glue holding her relationship together. While you're doing this, make sure you tell her you're sorry that her boyfriend is acting that way. You're indirectly apologizing to your ex (and showing her you have that quality) while sympathizing with her current situation.

Dating While Waiting For Your Ex To Come Back To You

If you're looking to fast-track getting back with your ex-girlfriend, one of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by dating someone else. Obviously, this step is optional. You shouldn't hook up with another girl just to make your ex jealous, and don't actively look for an interm relationship just for this purpose. That being said however, if you happen to meet a girl you like there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't begin dating her.

Seeing you with another girl will slap your ex in the face with an immediate reality check. She's suddenly faced with the fact that you're not waiting around for her, which is something she's been banking on as a sort of relationship safety net. If there's even a small part of her that still loves you, it forces her to make a move in your direction. She'll probably initiate contact, tell you she's happy you found someone, and then start prying to find out how deep your relationship with this new girl goes. All of this is good news.

Having another girl on your arm also, believe it or not, makes you more attractive in the eyes of most women - especially one you already dated. It shows you as desirable, whereas being alone does not. Any feelings your ex still has for you will be magnified, causing her to act quickly or risk losing you forever to this new girl. Dating someone else is also the quickest way to get over your exgirlfriend - or to at least get her off your mind while you wait for her to end her current relationship.

Meeting Up With Your Ex Girlfriend

If contact with your ex continues, there's a definite interest brewing. No matter what she says or does, your exgirlfriend will always see you as more than a friend... it's just a matter of how close she'll let you back into her life again. If you did things right, you're already on her mind. You'll start to see signs your ex is thinking about you in a romantic way again. She'll also be trying to gauge whether or not the possibility of losing you is worth being with her current boyfriend.

Meeting Ex Girlfriend

Right now your ex is on the fence. She's walking it carefully, checking to see which side the grass is greenest on. Here's where you need to pull her over into your side of the yard by arranging to see her. A solo meeting between the two of you is where you'll begin laying the groundwork for the final steps of winning back your girlfriend.

Phone, email, text-message... whatever method of communication she's using to contact you, it's time to invite her out. Try to pick a neutral location, maybe something like a coffee shop or small resturant for lunch. Make it all very innocent, as if you don't care whether or not she accepts. Don't tell her you have to 'talk to her' or anything serious like that - it should feel like two friends getting together to share a meal for an hour or so, nothing more.

If your ex needs to meet you at a specific time to avoid her boyfriend being suspicious, try to work around her schedule. She'll appreciate this, and she'll feel more comfortable if she doesn't have to keep looking over her shoulder. No matter what happens she's going to feel like she's doing something slightly wrong, but that's actually going to add to the allure for her.

If you're meeting your ex in the evening, you can even go for drinks at a local bar. This puts the both of you in an even more relaxed setting, and getting her to speak openly should be a lot easier. This also helps do away with the time limits associated with a resturant or coffee place. Just be sure to pick somewhere the two of you can hear each other, so nowhere too loud or obnoxious.

Using Your Past To Make Her Want You Again

Getting back together with your ex shouldn't be awkward, and you should do everything to make her feel as comfortable as possible. It's also time to break out your biggest weapon: your past history as a couple. This is something you have with your exgirlfriend that nobody else does, and you should use it to your every advantage.

Getting Your Ex Back E-Book

Think back to the most amazing times the two of you had together and pick a few of them out in your mind. You'll be bringing these times to the table with you. Chances are your ex has the same great memories, and she's cherished them as some of the highlights of your relationship. As the two of you talk, casually bring up one of these memories. Pick a place you went together, then tell your ex you passed it the other day and thought of her. Keep it fun and very non-serious, but look into her eyes when you tell her this. Don't be sheepish or awkward - be excited and smile. You want her to know you're still thinking about something that's very near and dear to her own heart... something she'll take away from this meeting and think about for the rest of the night as well.

After you bring up that cherished memory, make sure your ex gets to speak. See what she says and try to read her reaction. Let her talk about whatever she wants, especially if she wants to bitch about her current boyfriend. Nod, and be supportive - but don't let the conversation take too many serious turns. You want to laugh and have fun with her, even if you talk about much of nothing.

If your first meeting with your ex-girfriend goes well, there will definitely be more. You've just shown her you can hang out on a casual basis without it being uncomfortable for either of you. Most of all, you've stirred old feelings. Tell her it was awesome to see her, and suggest doing it again soon. If you've kept her comfort level high, you did your job. Seeing you again will be a no-brainer, and she's going to feel even more comfortable the next time you meet.

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