Getting Back Your Ex Girlfriend When She's Already Dating

This is part 3 of: How to win back your ex-girlfriend when she's dating another guy. Before continuing on, be sure to first read parts 1 and parts 2 of this guide.

Turning Your Ex-Girlfriend Back Into Your Current Girlfriend

Once you start meeting your ex on a semi-regular basis, you're extremely close to your end goal. The final piece of the puzzle involves making her want you back enough that she no longer needs the guy she's dating now. If you've made all the right moves so far, this shouldn't be far off at all.

Ex Girlfriend Dating

Turning up the level of intimacy between you and your ex girlfriend is all about keeping her comfortable. Since she's the one going behind her boyfriend's back, you'll need to respect whatever boundries she puts up. She may be very careful with where and when she chooses to meet you, or she might not care so much at all. What matters is that she's going out of her way to hang out with you, and this is extremely exciting for her. Keep it that way.

It shouldn't be long before you're acting a little more than just casually friendly. You had a long-term relationship at one point, and you've both know each other on the most personal of levels. Check her body language and look for flirtatious signals from your ex that indiciate it might be time to make the move. The transition from friendship back into a more intimate relationship will be the easy part... it's how she justifies it in her own mind that will be the tricky part.

If your ex isn't making the first move, she's probably waiting for you. Move in close when talking to her, and linger on her eyes a lot. Sit close to her whenever possible. During conversation, casually touch her arms, hands, or fingers. If none of these actions causes her to recoil or look confused, she's giving you the go-ahead to continue forward. The first time you kiss her should be electric, as it's something you've both been building up to for a long time.

Assuming The Role of Boyfriend Again

Once you and your ex-girlfriend begin renewing your physical relationship, things are going to move rather quickly. You'll need to be very careful here not to get your hopes up too fast. One last time, you must be patient. Upon being intimate with you again, it's possible that your ex runs back and immediately breaks up with her boyfriend. But it's also very possible she considers it a one-time hookup or a mistake she made in a time of weakness. She could even have plans to keep her boyfriend around but still see you on the sly, which is not exactly what you had in mind. Point is, you could be setting yourself up for a fall.

The one thing NOT to do is push your ex back into her boyfriend's arms. Instead, tell her you enjoy being with her and it reminds you of all the great times you had together. Tell her you're sorry things turned out the way they did, and that you would rather they be different. If she presses, tell her what she wants to hear: that yes, you'd rather be a couple again. Then step back and see how she reacts.

Maybe your ex grabs your face and starts kissing you all over. Maybe she backpedals at the thought of getting together with you at the moment. In both cases, you'll need to give her some room to breathe. She now knows how you feel, and the ball's now in her court. The one thing to leave her with is the security that you're looking to rebuild your relationship. You want to convince her that you're not going to disappear tomorrow, should she decide she wants to be with you.

Whatever she decides, you must do your best not to be jealous this one last time. It's likely your ex will be pretty confused in the hours and days after the first time she kisses you again. Maybe she's ready to ditch her boyfriend, or maybe she needs some time to think about it. If so, you'll need to be ready to give her that time - even if it means seeing them together for just a few more days or weeks. Eventually though, she'll need to make that decision. It'll become a condition of being with you. Your goal here was to date your ex-girlfriend again, not become her Friday night booty call (although that can often be fun too!)

Sleeping With Your Ex - How To Handle It

The first time you sleep with your exgirlfriend will be both physically and emotionally intense - especially for her. Falling back into bed with someone you know and feel comfortable with is a very easy thing to do. The chemistry's already there, and so is the safety level. The two of you have slept together dozens of times in the past, which makes it easy to justify letting it happen one more time. The sex will be great, and if she's cheating on her boyfriend there will be a forbidden flavor to it that makes it even better. But as good as it is, it's the morning after that really counts.

Sex With Exgirlfriend

Be careful with how you handle your exgirlfriend's emotions the next day. Hopefully she was ready for what happened and she welcomed it with open arms - this is your best case scenario. But there's also the possibility that she feels guilt or remorse over cheating on her current boyfriend. If this is the case, you'll need to step back and let her handle it in her own way. Pushing her here is a big mistake, so don't do it. If she really does have feelings for you, it'll be easier for her to rationalize why the sex happened. This will eventually bring around.

And just because she slept with you, don't assume your job is done. Your new relationship doesn't begin until her current one ends. She has to break up with her new boyfriend first, and the time and date of this event has to be on a schedule of her choosing. Therefore, don't be overly loving or clingy when the deed is done. Come on too strong, and you could easily scare her away and make her regret the previous night.

At the same time, don't be too cool or withdrawn, either. Let her know that being with her again felt good and familiar, and you loved every moment of it. Then step back patiently, and let her decide what it means in the grand scheme of things. Chances are she wanted you every bit as much as you wanted her.

Getting your ex girlfriend back is all about making her realize how much she misses you. Sex is a big part of this equation. Over the course of seducing her, let it happen when you're both ready for it. Don't push forward without the right signals, but also don't be afraid to take charge of things when she does give you that green light. Girls expect this from you (especially if they're dating someone else and are not supposed to be making that first move). The morning after, sex should feel like something she really wanted and needed. Once you have that, she'll be back again and again.

Building A New Future With Your Ex-Girlfriend

Once your ex has broken off her rebound relationship, the two of you will be free to start your a future together. The best way to do this is to resolve the major problems that caused your break up while leaving most of your minor issues in the past. If you haven't read the full guide on how to get back an ex girlfriend, make sure you check it out. Part 7 deals specifically with building a new foundation together.

One final word of advice: you cannot hold your girlfriend's relationship with this other guy against her, no matter how brief. The resentment of holding such a grudge will damage your new romance and could even send her back into his arms. You don't want to drive your girl away from you - you want to build a new life, new memories, and new stories together. Get to work on that, and let everything else fade away.

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