Winning Her Back After Your Girlfriend Caught You Cheating

This is a continuation of the two-part guide: How to Win Back Your Girlfriend If You've Cheated.

Accept The Limits Of Her Punishment

Eventually, your ex will begin speaking to you again. After not hearing from you for a while, she'll actually begin to get a little nervous. She'll think that maybe she's lost you, and she might worry that you'll run into the arms of the other woman. She'll think that perhaps in her anger she pushed you too far away. These are all good things, as it means she's ready to take you back into her life in some capacity. You're not completely back as her boyfriend again, but you're on the way.

Tips For The Cheating Boyfriend

When you do reconnect, your girlfriend will be looking to punish you for cheating. This could be anything from a verbal tongue-lashing to a more physical form of punishment by not allowing you to hug, kiss, or get close to her for a while. Most likely though, she'll try to punish you emotionally. Guilt can be a very powerful thing, and she's going to want you to feel some of the pain she's felt these last few weeks.

Try to understand your exgirlfriend's need to make you suffer. Getting back with your ex requires this. You're going to have to endure it, and it doesn't mean she loves you any less. Be sure to allow your girlfriend to see you upset or emotionally hurt by the way she's treating you; this will satisify her need to make sure you're punished in some way. Even if you don't feel guilty, you'd sure better act like you do. Let her know that you're sorry for the pain you put her through, and that in being apart from her you've felt some of that pain too. You can't belittle her own grief, but you can show her that by sharing some of the burden she's somewhat leveling the playing field.

Open Your Ears and Listen To Her

When your ex begins finally talking to you again, she'll have lots to say - especially if there was a long period where the two of you had no communication. Here's where you need to stop apologizing and just listen to what she says. Your cheating caused a wound that needs to slowly heal, and it can't begin to do that until she gets out everything she needs to say.

No matter how the conversation goes, you cannot argue with your ex right now. In fact, your silence speaks for you. She'll take anything you say as an argument against your cheating, so don't say a word. By being quiet you're accepting full responsibility for cheating on her, and you're not defering blame in any direction. Choosing to sleep with another girl was your own decision, and you need to bear that responsibility all by yourself.

When your ex does finally require a response, reiterate how genuinely sorry you are. Don't try to explain why it happened, only that it won't ever happen again. Whether she believes you or not at this stage is irrevelant - she needs to hear these words come from your own mouth, unprompted. Tell her you made a terrible mistake, and that losing her is the worse possible thing in the world. Let her know you wouldn't ever risk that again, and that you love and need her. Making your ex want you again is easy, because she probably never stopped loving you. But making her trust you again after cheating - that's the tough part. Yet there are some great ways to accomplish this.

Don't Give Her All The Details Of Your Affair

When your ex begins questioning you about the affair again, it's actually a good sign. In her mind, she's trying to access the extent of the damage. She wants to minimize your cheating, and downplay how bad it was. This is good, and you need to let her. Which is why you'll need to omit certain things and flat out lie about others.

At first your ex will ask questions about the woman you cheated on her with. She'll need to know you won't see her again, and that she's not going to be a factor. Hopefully this isn't someone you work with or see on a daily basis - her best case scenario is that you'll never see this girl again. If not, you'll need to explain in no uncertain terms how you're not going to at least talk to this girl again no matter what happens.

Beyond that, your exgirlfriend might begin trying to explore the scope of your cheating on her. To rationalize what happened, she'll think she wants to know everything. This isn't what she wants... knowing the full details will only haunt her forever. The more information you give her, the more she'll paint portraits of it in her mind. As she replays these scenes over and over in her head, it's almost like you're cheating on her again. Resentment will follow.

As much as I don't condone lying to your girlfriend, it's actually appropriate here. Give her the truth about what happened, but downplay the scope of your affair. Was it short? Yes. Did you get together often? No. Did you use protection? Always. Was it good? No... in fact, it sucked. Making her believe it will be easy, because she wants to believe it. Don't offer any information she doesn't ask for, but if she presses you for details make sure you minimize everything. She'll be happier for in the long run, and it will help you get back together with your ex faster than if you hadn't.

Look For The Right Time To Renew Affection

As you begin seeing your ex-girlfriend again, it's important to know when to be affectionate. If enough time has passed since the break up, she's probably craving some sort of physical contact. She may not even realize this until the first time you kiss her, which may even open the floodgates and lead to a lot more than just kissing.

Date Your Ex Girlfriend

If your ex is still emotionally standoffish, you'll need to approach her delicately. She's still angry at you for cheating on her, but this will eventually be overridden by her need to be close to you. Try to time it so you catch her in a good mood, then move in close to hug her. The best time to strike is when her guard is down, and this won't happen until she's comfortable. Getting back together with a girl you cheated on requires you to take the time to make her feel right around you again. Do small, simple things at first like rent a movie or go out for coffee. Try to jump right back in where you left off, and your ex will feel as if you're not sorry enough or punished enough to get close to you again.

The good news is that your ex wants to believe you're sorry. More than anything else, she would like to think of you as wanting only her once again. Encourage this by paying extra attention to her. Make small romantic gestures, like picking up her favorite food and writing out a nice card. Drop something off where she works or lives at at time you know she won't be there, so she has a nice surprise when she arrives. You're not buying her love back with flowers or gifts, but you're working your way back into her heart with kindness and appreciation for her sticking by you.

Getting Her Back After Cheating - Building Your New Relationship

Your relationship as you knew it ended the moment your girlfriend caught you cheating on her. To move forward together the two of you will need a clean slate, and this means she'll have to forgive you for what happened. You cannot date your ex until you've created an enviroment in which your girlfriend wants you back... and is willing to get past what happened between the two of you.

To start clean, each of you will need to resolve your issues. Although you accepted responsibilty for it, there's probably a reason why you cheated. Resolving any issues between you is key to moving ahead and building a new foundation together. Encourage your girlfriend to address her fears, and listen to everything she says. Allow her to finish, and then once more assure her that you'll never again be unfaithful. If there was anything about your old relationship that troubled you, now's the time to bring it up. Make sure it's significant. Do it gingerly, and without pointing your finger. See how she reacts to it. If she's in love with the idea of being back together again, she'll help resolve these issues too.

Once both of you have had your say, it's time to move on. You can date your ex again only by looking forward. By leaving all your troubles in the past, you're allowing the relationship a chance to heal. Although she'll always remember that you cheated, she shouldn't use it against you in future arguments. If she does, than she was never truly over it to begin with... and whatever future you have together will always bear the scars of what happened.

On the other hand, don't expect her to fully trust you right away. Trust must be earned over time, and you'll need to give her that time before you expect her to completely believe in you again. The important thing here is that your ex forgives you for cheating on her. If she can't do this, then you never really got back together in the first place.

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