Step 8 - The Secrets to Keeping Your Girlfriend Happy Forever

Winning your ex girlfriend back is a great accomplishment, and it's followed by some of the best feelings you'll ever have. If you truly love someone, getting back together can erase the anguish and hopelessness you've felt these past weeks. Not only that, but each of you should appreciate the other just that much more, knowing that you almost lost what you had. Together, you've given yourselves a second chance. It's time to seize it and make it work this time, so you'll want to build your new romance on the best foundation possible.

Get Back With Your Girlfriend

You and Your Ex - Starting With A Clean Slate

New beginnings should be fresh and free from the clutter of the past. Whatever problems you had in your previous relationship, it's time to wipe the slate totally clean. You can't build on the ruins of a broken relationship - only by breaking new ground and starting completely over are you giving yourselves the best chance for success. The fights, the arguments, the heartache... let it all go.

Most of all, let your girlfriend know that you won't be bringing these things up. She'll appreciate that, and it will help keep her from doing the same. Truly starting fresh means the both of you won't hold anything from the past against the other person, no matter what it was. You want to build trust into your new relationship by what happens now and in the future, and not based upon past behaviors.

Dating Should Be Fun... Never A Full-Time Job

Take a good look around. How many people do you see sticking out bad relationships? Are they happy or miserable? Take this lesson and learn from it. All of these couples have lost sight of why they even started dating in the first place. They can't remember the beginning, when love was fun for them. They have very distant memories of when their relationship was exciting. Now glance over at your girlfriend, and silently vow not to fall into that group. Love should be something you should enjoy being a part of, not something you feel obligated to ride out.

Finding someone who cares about you is something very special. You'll need to return that love if you want to keep everything happy between you. The partnership you created by getting back with your ex should be something you value and cherish. No stupid fight or disagreement you have should be able to make a dent in it... rebuilding what you had together should've make it even stronger than before.

You will always have arguments. Even the healthiest relationships will see their share of fighting. But the best thing to do is settle these disagreements quickly, as soon as they occur. Don't let anything build up inside you, and urge your girlfriend to do the same. After getting things out into the open, move forward. By hashing things out and not looking back, you're avoiding the biggest pitfall there is in dating: pent up resentment for one another. Staying in a relationship isn't hard. Keeping both partners happy throughout the relationship is the tough part. The secret to staying in love is not to sweat the little things, and to get the bigger things out of the way before they turn into giant problems.

Put your arm around your new girlfriend and point to some of the miserable relationships you see around you. Let her agree with you that you'll avoid falling into those traps. Love should be a natural happiness. As soon as it becomes work for someone, one or both of you are doing something wrong. Go back and fix things whenever possible, and remind each other how far you've come. If you've gone through a lot of trouble to get your ex back, chances are she's gone through a lot of emotional turmoil to give you a second chance. The two of you could've dated anyone else... but you got back together because you enjoy each other, and this is something you should always remind yourself of.

Fixing Your Relationship

How To Work Together As A Team

If you look at the strongest couples, you'll see they have one thing in common: each of them is happy for the success of one another. Couples who pull together as a team usually share an unbreakable bond. You don't need to live together, get married, or buy a home in order to work toward a common goal. All you need is the mindset that it's you and her against the world: this type of teamwork will give you both security and build trust between you.

It's amazing how many couples work in the opposite direction. You've probably even seen this yourself: men and women who get jealous whenever something good happens to the person they're dating. Seeing their boyfriend or girlfriend get a promotion, win an award, or accomplish something on their own sometimes breeds jealousy in some people. Suddenly that person feels the need to one-up their partner or do something better... yet they can't, so instead they try to bring that person down to their level.

This is destructive to any relationship, and these people will never be a team. When one or both partners are always belittling the accomplishments of the other, neither one of them can rise up and succeed. Individual resentment follows, and no one is working together anymore. Their relationship becomes a constant competition as to who's "better", and eventually they end up hating each other. Sometimes they don't even know why.

Looking at the above example, hopefully you see why teamwork is so critical to any great relationship or marriage. Love isn't enough: you need respect and support for your partner in everything they do. When your girlfriend does something good, give her a big hug and a smile. Tell her you're proud of her. Take her out to celebrate. Do this, and she's going to return the same type of support for you the next time you succeed. You're building each other up instead of tearing each other down. Nothing forms a closer bond than being on the same side. Succeeding together as a team is a vital part of creating a happy, thriving relationship.

Building Trust By Letting Each Other Breathe

A lot of times you'll see one partner struggling to get out from under the attention of the other. Men and women are both guilty of this, and it can cause your relationship to suffocate and die. Leaving your girlfriend no breathing room can make her fell claustrophobic and trapped. And if you're doing it simply because you don't trust her, it gets even worse.

Building Trust With Your Ex

It's absolutely crucial that you start this new relationship with some level of trust. Not believing in your girlfriend will make her resent you faster than you can possibly believe. Some men think that by watching over every daily activity their girlfriend goes through, they're protecting themselves from being cheated on or lied to. What they're actually doing is destroying any shot they have at having a happy, healthy romance with the person they supposedly love.

If you're one of those guys, you know it. It's up to you to squash that type of stupid high-school bullshit behavior. You don't expect your woman to keep tabs on everything you do, so you can't expect to follow her around throughout her day either. Being in love shouldn't be like being in jail - whether you're the prisoner or the warden, it doesn't matter.

Giving each other enough space to breathe is always the best way to encourage a healthy relationship. As the saying goes, if you love something you need to set it free. Being in love is a risk no matter how you go about doing it. You need to accept there's always a chance you'll get hurt, just as your partner knows there's always a chance you'll hurt her too. Instead of spending all your energy trying to narrow or eliminate that risk, you should be spending it on having a great time with your girl.

Some guys can get crazy paranoid. You can't call or text me every time you don't know where I am or what I'm doing. This shows me you don't trust me, and I end up resenting it. Call me if you have a reason to, but don't do it just to check up on me.

Guys who are overly clingy eventually start stalking you. It's never enough for them. The more you give them, the more they want. The next thing you know they're driving past your house just to make sure you're home each night.

Avoid being this guy. Know that your girfriend loves you, and then love her back. Respect her enough to trust her, and you'll always end up getting the same thing in return. By allowing each other space, and giving your relationship enough oxygen to breathe, you're maximizing your chances that it will flourish and grow strong.

Making Your Girlfriend Love You Forever - Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide not only showed you how to get back an ex girlfriend, but how to keep her as well. Making each other happy is what a relationship is all about. One-sided romances never work, which is why trying to make your girlfriend love you by showering her with gifts, attention, and affection never pans out. She may seem happy at first, but you can't respect someone who's licking your boots and she's going to quickly lose interest. Not to mention how you'll end up feeling, never getting your own needs fulfilled. Every relationship requires two people to feeding it in order to keep it strong.

Reversing Your Breakup

The information you've received so far should already have given you a general idea of what to expect. Winning your girlfriend back is something that takes time and patience, but also a lot of good bit knowledge regarding a woman's perspective on things. By reading and learning all you can, you're arming yourself with the best tools available. Try to understand how they work, why they work, and when you should be using them. And no matter what step in this guide you're on right now, your continued success depends on you knowing what to do in all situations.

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