Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend With These 2 Universal Truths

If you're trying to win back an ex girlfriend, you've probably run into some resistance. Find out how to break through your ex's armor and get her to love you with the same intensity she had at the very beginning of your relationship.

Win Your Girlfriend Back

So... what's the first thing you did when your girlfriend broke up with you? The answer's pretty easy: you tried to talk her out of it. You sat there and reasoned with her, maybe even bargained with her, and did everything you could to get her to change her mind.

Unfortunately for you, she never did. Your girlfriend still broke up with you, leaving you alone, lonely, and wondering what to do next. And like most guys, you probably continued trying. You called her... you emailed her... you send her text-messages. Maybe you bought your ex a card, or wrote a long letter detailing how much you love her and pinned it beneath the wiper blades of her car's windshield.

Well if you've done any of that, you're already in trouble. Because these are the absolute worst things you could be doing to get back your ex girlfriend.

Right now, without even realizing it, you're working on what you want. You're running full-speed toward doing anything and everything you think will get your ex back. But in reality, everything you're doing is only pushing her away. All the effort you're making is actually moving you backwards.

This is where you risk losing her forever. Because instead of moving forwards toward reversing your breakup, you're changing the way your girlfriend actually seees you. You're making yourself look worse an worse in her eyes.

You can't get your ex girlfriend back until she's interested in you again. And right now? Look at yourself. Emotionally you're a wreck. Physically you might be too. You're panicking and you're scared... you're pushing too hard, pushing too fast, and as you feel your ex slipping further and further away from you, you're starting to look extremely desperate.

There's nothing attractive about your behavior right now, and that's a huge problem. When your ex tells her friends some of the things you're doing, they'll tell her it's borderline scary. She'll start to be convinced of this, and it will drive an even bigger wedge between you. And the more you try to do? The harder it becomes to get back to where you were.

So... what can you do? How exactly do you get her back?

For starters, you need to start looking at things from your ex girlfriend's perspective. You need to examine the man you are now, and compare it to the man you were when you and your girlfriend first started dating. You also need to recognize the behaviors that always attract women, and start applying them to the way you've been acting around your ex.

Luckily, getting back with your exgirlfriend is an entirely learnable skill. Once you know the steps necessary for making her want you again, you can easily turn your girlfriend's opinion of you completely around.

There are two universal truths when it comes to reversing any breakup. Read them, know them, and live them:

Go With The Flow - Your Breakup is Only as Permanent As You Make it

Intially, you must always agree with the breakup. You might've heard this before, but you never really understood why. To do this effectively, you need to understand your girlfriend's psyche.

Walk Away From Your Ex

Your ex broke up with you for very specific reasons. Maybe she listed them, or maybe she didn't. Either way, her mind cannot be changed right now. She made this decision without you, long before she told you about it, and so any attempts at changing her mind are only going to end in dismal failure.

So the more you push your ex to stay together? The harder she'll push back. Why? Because you're fighting with her. You're going against her wishes. She made one last decision during the course of her relationship with you, and now you're telling her she's 'wrong' even in these last moments. So yeah, of course she's going to resist you.

Instead, you need to form a sort of alliance with your girlfriend. You need to agree that it's time to break up. This instantly stops any fighting or arguing you might have with trying to 'convince her', and totally puts you in line with her way of thinking. And on top of all that? It will surprise the hell out of her.

Remember this: just because you decide to agree with the breakup right now doesn't mean it's permanent. It's always easier to get back together once you've accepted and agreed with the breakup, taken some time apart, and THEN applied the steps necessary to get her back. Trying to get her back right away, after she's made up her mind, is totally counterproductive.

Live Your Own Life - Making Your Ex See Value In You Again

Some guys dive straight to rock bottom after a girl breaks up with them. They're so busy wallowing in self-pity and misery, that they don't stop to think what they actually look like to an ex girlfriend.

These guys happily spiral downward to a place where they hope their ex feels sorry for them. They're trying to guilt their girlfriends into coming back, and that's one of the lamest possible ways you can attempt to fix your breakup.

Make Your Ex Want you

When your ex looks over her shoulder to see how you're doing (and believe me, she will), you want her to see all good things. Yes, you should've definitely disappeared by now. But from what she can see of you? Your life should be awesome without her.

You should be having fun, seeing friends, visiting new places and doing cool stuff. Your life should be a carnival that she lost her ticket to; so much that it actually makes your girlfriend jealous that she's no longer with you.

Never, ever let your exgirlfriend see you sweating her. Never let her see you upset over the breakup, or trying desperately to get her back. The more it seems as if you've totally moved on, the more she'll be interested in your post-breakup life. In essence, the less you chase her? The more she'll chase you.

By not constantly longing for or obsessing over your ex girlfriend, you're giving her reason to open up, let down her defenses, and actually start to reconsider whether or not she'd like to be with you.

In the end, you should never approach reversing your breakup without a step by step plan. Learn everything you can, set yourself in a position of power, and know exactly what moves you're going to make (and when you're going to make them) before taking a single step in your ex girlfriend's direction.

The best approaches to getting her back aren't really approaches at all; they're attitudes and adjustments. Check out these methods and techniques for making your exgirlfriend want you again.

The faster you get started on the road to winning her back, the easier it will be to turn your ex around.

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