Getting Your Girlfriend Back by Making Her Want & Need You Again

If you're trying to get your girlfriend back after a break up, you're not alone. Whether you got dumped unexpected or your relationship ended after a long series of fights, trying to patch things up after it's over is never easy.

Make Her Need You

But if you want her to consider dating you again? The most important thing to learn is that until your ex needs you, she's never going to reverse the decision to break up.

Love is tough. Break ups can be even tougher. Sometimes you don't see it coming, and your girlfriend pulls you off to the side and blindsides you with the "we need to talk..." speech. Other times you know your relationship is in jeopardy, but you do little to fix things. In the end, your girlfriend breaks up with you and it's no real surprise... but then suddenly, you want her back. Intensely, fiercely, you're willing to do just about anything to make the relationship work at this point - but now it's too late. Her decision is made, and there's nothing much you can do about it.

Or is there?

Learning how to make your ex girlfriend want you back is a skill. And like most every skill, it can be taught.

When you're able to turn around your ex's way of thinking and actually get her wanting you again? Getting back together becomes a hundred times easier. But until you put that need back in her heart and mind, your ex will want little to do with you. Finding out how your exgirlfriend really feels about you, and whether or not you have a shot at being with her again, becomes nothing more than a stab in the dark.

There are some simple rules when it comes to getting back an ex girlfriend. Following them will always put you in the driver's seat, when it comes to winning back the girl you love.

Making Up Made Easy

Your Ex Wants You To Need Her... But She Doesn't Want You To Fight The Break Up

Sounds counterproductive, right? How can your girlfriend want you to still be in love with her, yet at the same time push you away? The answer to that lies in simple human nature: we all want to be desired.

Seeing you hurt and upset is your exgirlfriend's justification... it lets her know that you really did care about her and that she wasn't just wasting her time by dating you. But does this mean she wants you back? Not by a long shot. For that to happen, you need to create an environment in which your ex both wants and needs you again. Before you take those steps however, you cannot fight the break up.

Trying to save your relationship may make you feel like you're "doing something", but what you're really doing is showing a weak, needy side of you that your ex is always going to remember. The harder you rage against her decision to end things, the more pathetic you're going to look. Save face and maintain respect by NOT trying desperately to change your girlfriend's mind. Yes, you DO still love her... but the best thing to do right now is to walk away without letting her know just how much. If you do, your ex will become more comfortable with going off on her own - and this isn't what you want.

Your Ex Doesn't Want To Talk To You... But She Also Doesn't Want You To Go Away

More contradictory behavior, but it's the way things are. When your ex first breaks up with you, she'll avoid contact with you. This is for her own reasons: she feels funny around you (considering the circumstances), plus she wants to let her friends and family know that she intends to make the break up "stick".

She Still Wants You

Contact with you undermines both these goals, which is why your ex girlfriend isn't returning your phone calls or answering your text-messages and emails right now.

But wait, don't go away just yet. Your ex ALSO wants to see those phone calls. She wants to hear those text-messages. Your exgirlfriend needs to know that you're chasing after her, that the relationship meant something, and that you're still "around" in case she decides to reverse the break up and change her mind. When her friends are around, she'll turn her nose up derisively at the unanswered contact you make toward her. But secretly? She's happy to know that she's still desired, regardless or whether or not she really wants to hear from you.

Do you want to know how to you make your ex girlfriend want you back? By not making those calls. By ignoring your phone completely, unplugging your computer, and eliminating any temptations you may have to communicate with your ex.

By not chasing after her, you're sending a powerful message: "I'm cool". As far as she knows, you could care less that you're broken up. You're out with friends, or family, or maybe even another girl you had your eyes on. You're getting on with your life while she's sitting there thinking about you and wondering why you haven't called. Pathetic, right? She'll think so. And she'll be angry at herself for even thinking those thoughts, yet she'll be powerless to stop herself from being curious about where you are.

When it comes to getting back an ex girlfriend, there are MANY rules. If you want to succeed in winning her over, you'll need to know exactly what they are. Coming up with a step-by-step blueprint for making her need you back is like stacking the deck in your favor. Trying to repair your break up just by "winging it" is only going to work some of the time.

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