Worst Relationship Behaviors That Will Drive Women Away

As men go through relationships they can get very set in their ways. Some develop behaviors that might seem innocent enough in their eyes, but which are actually turning women off or driving them away. Getting your ex to come back to you is only half the process; keeping her happy is the tougher part.

Below is a list of common behaviors that many women have problems with. Read and learn them, and try to identify if you're exhibiting one or more of them in any of your current or past relationships. Some of them could be the very reasons your ex broke up with you in the first place.

Possessive Boyfriend

Possessive or Controlling Behavior

Women can be extremely social. A girl who's popular or has many friends is often very attractive, and men are drawn to the fun and excitement of that type of situation. Yet once the dating process begins, some men find it necessary to cut a girl off from her friends, activities, and even family. The more time they spend with their girlfriend, the more time some guys seem to demand. Little by little, the girl disappears from her usual scene and becomes more of a social captive. This is a possessive relationship.

One of the big dangers of being possessive is that it happens so gradually, some guys don't even know they're doing it. Some girls don't recognize the signs of it either, until one day they take a look around and realize they have no friends, hobbies, or life outside of seeing their boyfriend. This is wholly unhealthy, and will lead her to resent you. Even if she's not vocalizing her resentment, the fact that you're not letting her do her own thing is building up inside her.

If you find yourself always wanting to know where your girlfriend is, what she's doing, and who she's with - you're being a controlling boyfriend. If you're laying a guilt trip on your girl whenever she wants to go out with friends, you're stifling her individual personality. What you consider "caring" is actually bordering on obsession. You need to stop, step back, and give your girlfriend some breathing room. Still trust and care for her, but also allow her a life of her own. Do this and she'll be happier in her relationship, as well as appreciate you on all new levels.

Constant Moodiness

When you met your girlfriend you were happy, funny, and doing all sorts of cool things to impress her. But now that you've been dating a while? The two of you have settled into a more casual role, which is completely normal. The one thing to look out for though, is constant unhappiness. When one of you is eternally in a bad mood, the other one can't have any fun. Moodiness can put a huge drag on any relationship.

If this moody person is you, try to be aware of it. We all have bad days, and each of us deserves to be comforted on those days by a loving and supporting partner. But if you're having more bad days than good, chances are you're using brooding behavior to garner attention from your girlfriend. This works for a while, and it could feed into you very often acting a lot more upset than you really are. Over time, your girl will grow tired of always trying to cheer you up. She'll develop an attitude of your own, and then suddenly neither one of you are happy.

Keep an honest eye on your own attitude. The next time you feel upset or depressed about something, pick it apart and see if you're not playing it up to be worse than it really is. Getting into a good mood is a great way of putting your girlfriend into the same frame of mind. Happiness is contageous. But constantly brood over everything, and your girl might end up leaving you for greener pastures.

Insecure Boyfriend

Insecurity and Lack of Confidence

Ask women what they look for in a man, and nearly all of them will list the same attribute: confidence. Women want to feel safe and protected; they want a man who's sure of himself at all times. Girls who say vulnerability in a man is a cute trait are being just that - cute. Deep down, every woman wants a strong, confident man who can take care of himself... and them.

If you aren't in charge of your own situation, odds are your girlfriend isn't going to be all that impressed with you for very long. Insecure behavior is a HUGE turnoff to women. They don't want to see you feeling weak or unsure about much of anything. And if you're being insecure about them? This is an even bigger turnoff. When they're constantly having to answer for their time, who they were with, and what they were doing, being in a relationship with you becomes more of a chore than a romance. This very quickly will make a girl wonder why she's with you in the first place.

If you find yourself seeking constant reassurance, compliments, or positive feedback from your current girlfriend, she's probably not that far off from becoming your ex-girlfriend. Man up. Put an end to all those half-assed fears and start thinking in a more positive light. Winning back an ex is all about displaying the traits that are desirable to the female point of view, and one of these is charisma. A little confidence goes a long way toward building you up in a woman's eyes. A lack of it will be immediately noticable, and will put you at a disadvantage when compared with other men.

Check out this complete list of behaviors that women consider desirable in a man. Not only will they make you more attractive to women, they'll actually help better yourself in almost every aspect of your life.

Emotional Detachment

Some guys are better than others when it comes to showing their feelings for a girlfriend. While being overly emotional can be detrimental to a girl's opinion of you (you don't want to get too clingy), not showing enough love or caring for your girlfriend can leave her feeling alone and detached. Do this long enough, and she's going to find someone else to fulfill those needs for her.

You don't need to be a total sweetheart 100% of the time in order to be a good boyfriend. Calling her at least once a day is a good start. If you're going 2 or 3 days without ringing her up, she's going to get the impression you don't need her all that much. If this is just the way you operate, that's fine - but you might want to consider modifiying your communication skills before you suddenly find yourself single.

It's true that many girls like their guys to be the strong, silent type. What they don't often mention is that you've got to be a sweetheart at the same time. The best guys can put out an aura of cool confidence around everyone else, but at home behind closed doors they turn into a complete teddy bear. Girls eat that stuff up.

Playing Mind Games

Game playing is something both men and women are equally guilty of. During the course of your dating life, you've probably seen several different kinds of relationships. In some of them, maybe you held held all the cards. In others, maybe you always seemed to be at a disadvantage. It's not uncommon to see couples at odds with each other for totally silly reasons, with each partner vying for their fair share of power. Their relationship soon becomes a game, each person struggling to be the one who's "winning".

To maintain a successful long term relationship, you'll need to break out of this mindset. Just as you can't stand the drama associated with an overly emotional girlfriend, you shouldn't be perpetuating game playing through your own childish behavior. This type of tit-for-tat competition probably dates back to high school, where lots of these games began. When you can finally shrug this off, you're going to find that your future relationships will be a lot more drama-free.

Recognize game-playing behavior as soon as it starts, so you can step on it early. If you've got a partner who wants to play, shut it down right away. Letting her know you won't be participating in that kind of mutual mental torment might even be a relief to her, and the two of you can move forward working together as a team. It's the best way to keep your relationship healthy.

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