Common Signs That Your Ex-Girlfriend Wants You Back

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Your Ex Girlfriend Is Constantly Asking To Meet You

Another big indication that your ex is missing you will be when she's encouraging or arranging face to face visits. She broke up with you, yet she still wants to see you. This means you're on her mind, and she probably still wants to keep tabs on what you're doing. She wanted you to go, but now she's telling you not to go too far.

Ex Girlfriend Contact

If you're meeting your ex for coffee, a meal, or she's even stopping by your house to say hello - these are all great signs. Meeting you out in the open at public locations is good also, because it's very likely she hasn't met anyone else yet that she needs to hide you from. Try to feel her out at these meetings without prying too deep. Let her talk, and she'll eventually tell you what she's up to. Look for any hints or nods toward your previous relationship, which would be signs she's reconsidering. Your exgirlfriend is probably at a stage right now where she's trying to decide what to do next. Sizing you up is part of that process, and she wants to know you'll be ready to date again if she decides to undo the break up.

Also don't be blind to the idea that your ex is meeting you for more physical reasons. If she's displaying heavy body language or giving off flirtatious signals, there's a good chance she's missing your lips on hers. Sometimes women looking to get back together with an exboyfriend don't know exactly what to say, or how to approach the subject. These types of women resort to what they know works best: physical contact. It's a lot easier for them, and less awkward than talking. If your ex suddenly comes on strong, be ready to roll with it. You can always talk later.

Whenever your ex asks to meet you, she's probably rethinking things. Be cool and casual, but let her know you're there. Give her time to figure things out, but also be wary of falling into a friendship type of role. You're not there for friendship - you've got enough buddies already. Your goal is to get your ex girlfriend back, and to rebuild a long term relationship with her. Even through the small talk, always keep that goal in sight.

She Starts Asking You About Your Love Life

When your ex-girlfriend starts inquiring about your dating situation, it's a huge positive sign. Her words don't matter so much as her actions do, and the very fact she's jealous enough to ask if you're seeing someone has already betrayed her. No matter what she says, your ex girlfriend does NOT want to see you dating another girl. She might tell you she wishes you the best, or that she hopes you find someone perfect for you... these are words, nothing more. In her heart, she's really asking if you're still going to be around for a while.

Your ex might not be ready to reverse your break up just yet, but she wants to know that the option is still there. When she asks if you've met someone else yet, give her an honest answer. Don't ask her the same question in return, either. This kind of indifference will set her back a step, and make her wonder if she shouldn't hurry up. If you're not asking about her own love life, chances are you're looking to create one of your own. That scares her.

Whatever happens here, tell the truth. If you're seeing another girl, it's okay to say so. If you're not, don't make anything up. In getting back with an ex girlfriend, you'll want to start your new relationship with a clean slate. Lying right off the bat isn't a good way to build a foundation.

Your Ex Asks You To Come Out With Her Friends

After she broke up with you, the first thing your ex did was tell her friends. Together they discussed your relationship in gory detail, from start to finish, and they all talked about what your exgirlfriend would do next.

This is why being asked to hang around with her friends again is one of the biggest signs that your ex is ready to date you again. It's one thing to see you solo, but once she starts bringing her friends into the mix - you're back in her inner circle. Bringing you around her friends requires that she gives them an update on your status. This is something she probably already did before she even asked you. By the time you're hanging out with these people, she may even already consider the two of you back together again.

The best thing to do in a situation like this is to have fun. Don't take anything too seriously, and let your ex-girlfriend lead the way. Eventually the two of you will have to talk about being in a potential relationship again, but for now you should be laughing and flirting like old times. If she's keeping you at bay during this meeting, don't despair - it might just be for the benefit of her friends. Wait until the end of the evening, or at a time when the two of you are alone. If you've both had a great time, the transition into a more romantic setting should happen naturally.

Your Ex Girlfriend Is Suddenly Overly Affectionate Again

One of the last signs that your break up is about to be over, an ex who's displaying affection again is trying to get your attention. She's making a conscious effort to let you know she's interested in you, and might not know how to put it into words. Read her signs and signals, and let her know you welcome the attempts. Return whatever affection she shows you, and the rest should be easy.

Being With Your Ex

The beginning of your new relationship should be a lot like the beginning of your old one. The two of you will be happy, flirty, and complimentary toward each other. Each of your behaviors will be tailored to impress the other person, and it'll be made more comfortable by the fact that you've done this before.

If there was an interm friendship leading up to this moment, the transition back to a romantic relationship might seem a little strange at first. You may be caught wondering if she's really giving you the green light, and whether or not you should make a move. The best thing to do is really try to read her actions. Her words might not matter so much, but the way she speaks to you, touches you when she talks to you, flirts with you again... these are the things that you're looking for. These are signals that she's looking at you the same way she did before, when the two of you were dating. Flirting back, and then seeing how she reacts to it, is the easiest way to know for sure.

Don't ruin these moments by demanding answers, apologies, or asking to talk about the break up at all. You have to realize it's probably awkward for her to make these moves, being that she's the one who broke it off with you in the first place. Accepting her new motives is the last stage to winning back your girlfriend.

What Should You Do If Your Ex Shows None of These Signs?

Getting back with your ex is a long process, but you must be proactive. If your ex-girlfriend isn't giving you any of the signs that she's ready to reconcile, you'll need to take immediate actions to get her in the proper mindset of wanting you back. You can't wait forever, because she certainly won't. The quicker you start applying the techniques in this guide, the better your chances of successfully getting back together with your ex.

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