Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back Again

As you work toward the goal of winning your girlfriend back, it'll help to keep an eye out for the go-ahead signs that all your work is paying off. As she warms back up to you again, your ex will throw off signs and signals that act as a green light to press further. The following behaviors are all positive signs that you've correctly followed the 8-Step process to getting your ex back, as well as the invaluable advice found in The Magic of Making Up.

Your Ex Keeps In Touch With You

This is a classic indication that your ex hasn't fully let go of your relationship. If your ex-girlfriend is calling you, text-messaging you, or sending you emails, she's definitely keeping the lines of communication open for a reason (and it's not just to be friends). Your ex wants you around for one simple reason: "just in case".

Ex Calls You

An even better sign? Your ex wants to meet you face to face. A friendly lunch of cup of coffee goes a long way toward stoking old fires the two of you used to share. This should happen only after you've gone through a period of non-contact, which is one of the very reasons your ex is curious enough to see you. Later on though, contact with your ex - especially if it's initiated by her - is a really good sign that she's still mulling over the idea of dating you again.

Don't get discouraged if this contact doesn't happen immediately. Right after she breaks up with you, your exgirlfriend may feel awkward and slightly weird around you. She also doesn't miss you yet, because you haven't given her the chance to. But drop out of sight long enough, and she'll come snooping around.

If your ex has a new boyfriend but is STILL contacting you, odds are you've got a very good shot at winning her back. She may limit your communication to times and methods (such as email) that won't interfere with her current relationship, but the fact that she's still reaching out for you here is a tremendous sign. She's risking her current dating situation for the chance to see or speak with you. If she were fully committed to this other guy, she wouldn't be talking to you at all.

She Keeps Bringing Up Your Past Relationship

Any exgirlfriend who constantly brings up the history you shared together has not completely let go of your old relationship. While she may have been the one who initiated the break up, talking about your past is a sure sign she's still considering what it would be like to date you again. This type of uncertainty is a great sign of weakness in your exgirlfriend's resolve.

Every time she does this, your ex is looking for some type of reaction from you. Before she ever considers getting back together with you, she wants to know you're as 100% into it as she is. Any hesitation or doubt on your part, and she's going to withdraw. That's why it's important to recognize this as one of the signs your ex wants you back.

Help her make this decision by rolling with whatever she says. If she brings up places you went, point out great times that the two of you had there. If she tells a story from a day you shared together, tell her you remember it well (even if you don't). Allow your ex to convince herself that you're as committed as she is to getting back together. You do this by making everything she brings up just as special as she remembers it.

Any couple that gets back together usually does so because they cherish the past. If your ex is mentioning these good times in conversation with you, she's also bouncing them around in her own head. Take advantage of this opportunity by making her feel comfortable that you loved those times too. Encouragement here is an important part of your ultimate goal: making her want you back.

Your Ex Avoids Tying Up The Loose Ends

If your ex breaks up with you and decides it's for good, she's going to want to close the door on your relationship completely. This means tying up any open ends that might linger, such as leaving her belongings at your house. Items that are insignificant are one thing, but if your ex has a bunch of clothing, personal items, even a piece or two of furniture that she's not making an effort to come and pick up... it's a pretty good sign that she's not totally finished with you just yet.

By letting you keep her stuff, she's leaving an opening for future communication. You may go days or weeks without speaking again, and she knows it. She also knows she might decide to change her mind, and it would be good to save face if she needs to contact you by having a reason for calling. That reason? Coming to get the last of her things.

Never call your ex on not picking up her stuff. If you want to get back an ex girlfriend, let her leave those things at your home or apartment for as long as she likes. Don't be tempted to use them as an excuse to call her either: this might cause her to come get them before she's ready to get back with you. By leaving them there, you're letting your exgirlfriend proceed at her own pace.

She Starts Getting Affectionate Toward You Again

Any exgirlfriend who becomes suddenly affectionate toward you again wants one of two things: to test the waters on getting back together with you, or some straight up sex.

Ex Flirting With You

Most women can't separate their emotions from physical affection as easily as men can. There's little room for the grey area in between. An ex who's thinking of dating you again will not be able to stop herself from throwing off physical signs of affection. Know what these signs are, so you can identify and roll with them.

She might lean in close to you during conversation, touch your hand, kiss you playfully or maybe even more than playfully. These signals are for your own benefit: she's giving you the green light to make your own move. Be affectionate back, and see how little she resists you.

Of course, the possibility exists that your ex wants more of a physical type hookup. She misses having sex with you, as well as the tactile sensations and closeness associated with being in bed together with someone she feels connected with. Sex with your ex girlfriend can lead to reconcilation, but it may take time. Don't rush anything, especially the day afterward. And if she's only in it for the night? That's possible too. Prepare yourself for the fact that you might just be nothing more than a booty call... at least for now. Be sure you can handle it. But in most situations? Sex with an ex girlfriend is almost always a sign that she wants to repair or renew the relationship.

No matter what level of affection your ex shows you, try to listen to what she's saying. Be honest with yourself, and don't let anything become something it's not. But if the signs are definitely there? Don't ignore them. Going with the flow of her own moves is an integral part of get back ex girlfriend protocol.

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