How To Know If Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

Catching a girlfriend who is cheating on you is one of the worst feelings in the world, but if your partner is seeing someone else you certainly want to know it. Whether she's cheated on you in the past or is currently seeing another guy, there are signs and signals a woman will give off when she's not 100% committed to your relationship. And once these signs of infidelity are found, you'll also need to know how to deal with them.

Catch Your Girlfriend Cheating

Catching a Girlfriend Who Cheated

You might think women aren't as good at hiding signs of cheating as men might be, but you'd be wrong. As a girl gets attached to seeing someone outside the scope of your relationship, she'll do one of two things: slowly pull away from you, or cling to your current romance while she decides her options. In both cases you'll need to be extremely aware of your own relationship in order to detect your wife or girlfriend being unfaithful. There are behaviors common to cheaters, and knowing them can help you detect when your partner is doing something behind your back.

One of the difficult parts of dealing with a cheating girlfriend or spouse is knowing when to confront them. If you're not absolutely sure that your girl is being unfaithful, you shouldn't be assaulting them with allegations and half-truths. She might not be seeing someone else, in which case you just created a giant rift in your relationship. And if your girlfriend is cheating? Without you being 100% sure she could easily deny it... and then become a lot more secretive about what she's doing. This will cause the affair to go on for much longer, with you suffering the whole time. For these reasons, it's critical that you really know for sure whether or not your partner is screwing around before confronting them.

Did Your Ex-Girlfriend Cheat On You?  Find Out Why Your Relationship Ended

If your girlfriend dumped you and then seemed to quickly move on with her life, there's chance she was seeing someone while the two of you were still together. Maybe you still want her back, or maybe you're trying to repair your broken relationship... if this is the case, you'll definitely need to know if there was another guy involved. This may determine whether or not you even want to get back together with your exgirlfriend. If so, you'll need to deal with the special circumstances surrounding how to get back your ex when she's dating someone else.

Although you're now broken up, there are still methods you can use to detect cheating. You can find out if your ex is seeing someone now, and whether or not they were seeing that guy while the two of you were still dating. It's important to know if she ended things simply because you weren't compatible, or if there were outside forces such as another guy that contributed to your breakup. If so, there may be feelings left in her heart for you that merely got buried when she began this rebound relationship.

Either way, there are several ways to identify cheating. Understanding the signs and signals given off when a girl is dating someone on the sly will help you determine if your girlfriend was, or is, faithful to you.

Telltale Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Seeing another guy behind your back isn't something your girlfriend can completely hide from you. There are certain behaviors your partner will display when she's got a thing going on with someone else. Everything from her body language and attitude to her day-to-day routine will change in order to accomodate the affair she's having. The list below will help you identify signals given off - most times unknowingly - when your girlfriend or wife is cheating on you.

 Your Girlfriend Hides Her Cellphone - Although you always want to respect your girl's privacy, her cellphone shouldn't be something she hides. If your girlfriend was leaving her cellphone on the table or counter and then suddenly begins keeping it close to her at all times, she's probably hiding phone numbers or texts from you. A change in this behavior means she's keeping something secret.

 She Starts Taking Private Calls - Does your girlfriend walk into another room to answer her phone? If so, why? And increased number of privately-taken phone calls can indicate that someone's trying to reach her that she doesn't want you to know about. And if those phone calls are short, it should be even more suspect.

 She Spends Extra Time at Work - It's a fact: most cheating occurs with co-workers. The workplace is a breeding ground for infidelity, as casual friendships can easily become secret affairs over time. If your girlfriend suddenly begins working extra hours - and more importantly, at all different times - it could mean she's seeing a guy from work. Whether she's staying late or leaving earlier in the mornings, look for inconsistencies in her work schedule.

 She Begins Talking About a Certain Guy... A Lot - One of the hardcore signs of cheating is when your girlfriend or wife begins speaking about a guy she knows or works with all the time. A woman having an affair will usually talk about the guy she's with - to friends, family, and even to her partner. At times, she won't even realize she's doing it. In her mind, she's bringing him up in casual conversation because it feels good to talk about him. She won't understand that she's making an overabundance of references to this guy, but once she does it's easy to look out for.

 Your Girlfriend Leaves the House at Odd Hours - Running out the door at weird times of the day or night could easily be signs that your girlfriend is seeing someone. The thing to look for is consistency: when she's not adhering to a regular schedule it's most likely because she's adhering to someone else's. Staying out extra late or leaving to do things before work might be reasons to suspect your girl is cheating.

 She Changes or Betters Her Appearance - Over time, any couple becomes comfortable with each other. But when a girl first starts dating someone new, she'll take extra special care of her appearance. If your girlfriend suddenly begins looking sharp, buying new clothes, doing her hair differently, and always wearing make up - she might be trying to impress someone other than you. Check to see when and how she's sprucing herself up, and where she says she's "going" afterwards.

 She Showers at Odd Times - Most people shower once a day - in the morning, or at night. But if your girlfriend begins showering more than once a day, she might just be washing off the signs of her infidelity. Washing up at odd times of the day or night is a good sign that something's up. These are usually covered up with excuses like "I just got back from the gym", or "I feel extra hot and sticky today".

 Your Girlfriend Wipes Her Computer History - Spouses and couples all share computers these days, and with social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, and all different email accounts, it's easy to know who your girlfriend is talking to. When your girl begins hiding these things, changing her passwords, or deleting her browser history... it's a sure sign that she's having conversations she doesn't want you to know about. But don't worry... There are ways to undelete emails and text messages that will help you discover if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

 She Picks Fights To Be Alone - In one of the final stages of an affair, your girlfriend or wife will begin starting arguments with you for the sole purpose of storming out of the house. Being angry gives her an excuse to leave, which gives her the perfect reason not to answer your phone calls or text-messages while she's out with her lover. If your girl is picking fights out of the blue for no apparent reason, be worried. Something's very wrong.

You can measure how long you've been cheated on by how careful your partner is with the affair. In the beginning your girlfriend will be secretive and cautious... but as the affair wears on she'll become lax with covering up her behavioral patterns. This is where she'll get caught, because the signs of cheating will become more and more apparent. Often when someone catches their partner messing around, they're surprised at how long it went undetected. This is why it's best - and hardest - to catch a cheating spouse or lover early on, just as the affair is unfolding.

What Should You Do If You Think Your Girlfriend Is Cheating?

Before you do anything, the first thing you should do is obtain proof. You can't confront your girlfriend until you're absolutely sure or have concrete evidence that she's cheating on you. If you go running to her with the first suspicious cell phone number or text-message you happened to find on her phone, she's going to deny everything and hide all further evidence from you. You need to explore all the options available to you and gather all necessary information... that way when you finally do confront her she can't deny what's happening. Then, and only then, will you get the truth. Until that time, all you're going to get is an angry, hurt girlfriend who thinks you're violating her privacy.

Girlfriend Cheating On You

Between computers, emails, cellphones, text-messaging, and social networking sites, it's harder than ever before to hide an affair from someone. This gives you a definite advantage when trying to find out if someone is cheating on you. Aside from the behavioral patterns and body language you'll observe on your girlfriend's part, there are electronic ways of tracking her movements and determining whether or not she's communicating with an ex-boyfriend, lover, or carrying on a full-blown affair behind your back.

Your girlfriend's cellphone alone is a tremendous tool in determining what she's up to. Most cheating requires constant communication, as one or both parties are trying to arrange times away from their partners to meet each other. If your girl is screwing around behind your back she's going to have lots of incoming and outgoing calls, text-messages, and other information that she'll try to hide and delete. And if she locks her phone with a special password, this is a huge sign that something's up. 'Forget' your own phone one day, and then ask to use hers to make a call. See how open she is to letting you use it, or telling you what the code to unlock it is. If she takes it from your hand to enter the code herself? That should be a huge red flag to you.

Email accounts are even bigger sources of information. Entire conversations and instant message logs reside on your girlfriend's computer, even after she deletes them. These are stored in the form of cached and hidden files, and this information can be retrieved if you know where to look. Observe your girlfriend using her computer and see if she gets paranoid about you using it. If so, she may be talking to someone else and nervous about you finding out.

Other Ways To Catching A Cheating Wife or Girlfriend

The business of finding out if your partner cheated is always ugly. The feelings you get when you realize your partner has been seeing someone else can make you hurt, angry, and sick to your stomach. But at the same time, if you've got doubts and want them put to rest... finding out that your partner is not cheating can take a tremendous weight off your shoulders. If your mind is constantly occupied with the possibility of unfaithfulness, knowing the truth can set you free.

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