Want Your Ex Girlfriend Back? Learn The Steps You Need to Get Her

Winning back the girl you love is harder the second time around, after she's dumped you. By now you've had your shot... to get another one, you're going to need to take drastic measures. If you're about to work toward getting back together with your exgirlfriend? Your first moves are the easiest to learn... but the hardest to execute.

Want Girlfriend Back

"I want my girlfriend back!"

It's a tough one. Your ex dumps you and walks away, leaving you broken and rejected... wondering what went wrong. But what comes first? Do you fall to pieces, become a broken wreck, and then try to get your ex back from a position of weakness? Or do you suck it up... tough it out... man up and do the right thing?

Stepping Back After The Break Up Happens

Knowing exactly how to win back the girl you love isn't easy, but there are guidelines that are the same no matter how your breakup went down. The first thing you need to do is step back, clear your head, and take a few deep breaths. Most guys shoot themselves in the foot here - the destroy their chances of ever dating their ex again by making rash moves right away. The run to their ex girlfriends and cry their eyes out. They drive past their ex's house, school, or job. They call and text and email and stalk their exgirlfriends to death... in short, they act for the sake of acting. In a desperate, helpless attempt to stop the break up, they put themselves right out of the game.

Hey, guess what? You can't stop the breakup. The breakup already happened - the news just hasn't reached your brain yet.

Discipline and control are the two most important allies you have right now, when it comes to making an impression on your ex. And believe me, you need to make such an impression. If you want any chance of getting your girlfriend back, you must keep her respect for you. Any type of crying, pouting, or boo-hooing that you do in order to "save your relationship" is going to be looked upon as weakness. There is no saving your relationship. That's sissy talk. Get over the fact that your ex dumped you, and dump her back by walking cleanly away from your now ended romance.

And once you've walked away? Learn this first important move you need to make, that will speed up the process of making her miss you again.

Assuming The Role of Indifference

One of the more interesting things about getting dumped is what happens on your ex girlfriend's end: she looks over her shoulder and watches for your reaction. Maybe this doesn't happen physically, but understand that this does happen. She'll use friends, family, the grapevine, your Facebook page... anything and everything she can to determine how you're handling the breakup. That's why you need to show her one solid emotion that's going to jumpstart you on the path to getting her back: total indifference.

Instead of running around screaming I want my ex girlfriend back, here's an exercise. Stand perfectly relaxed, and move your shoulders upward and then downward. Know what you did? You just shrugged. You shrugged because you couldn't care less whether or not your girlfriend broke up with you. In fact, you're actually happy. You should feel the freedom of being cut loose, and dazzled by the limitless possibilies laid out before you. Instead of concentrating on what your ex is going to do next, you need to something far more important: concentrate on you.

Making Up Made Easy

Re-Creating Yourself In Your Own Image

Hey, remember the guy your ex fell in love with? Well it's only logical that to get your ex girlfriend back, you'll need to show her that guy again. This doesn't mean you should change... not by a longshot. But it does mean you should change back if you happened to get lazy, lax, or strayed from the person you once were.

The person your girlfriend loved was confident, funny, and cool. You took her out and said all the right things. You made her laugh, and you didn't take yourself too seriously. You also didn't get angry over tiny stupid little things, or pick fights over insignificant crap. The guy your ex loved went places, did things, and enjoyed great times with her. Becoming that person again - and doing those same things without her - is what will make your ex immediately begin to notice you again.

Want your ex girlfriend back? Well imagine how quickly you'll grab her attention when you emerge happy and laughing, doing all the same fun things you used to do together, seemingly unaffected by the break up. As your ex begins to wonder whether she can even get you back if she wanted to, she's going to feel madly jealous of the new you. By surrounding yourself with positive energy and all good things, you'll quickly become someone people will want to be around. And this sure beats sitting at home by the phone, crying over your broken relationship and waiting for your ex to call.

Accelerating The Reconnection Between You and Your Ex Girlfriend

Getting back together with your ex will take communication, but not at first. In the beginning, you'll need to detach yourself from your exgirlfriend's life if you want to make her miss you. Getting your ex interested in you is nothing compared to making her need and want you again. These things are not far off, if you can be strong and maintain some space between you and her.

Eventually however, you'll need to re-open the lines of communication between you and your girlfriend. Getting back into her life is something that needs to happen g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y, and it has to be natural. If your ex suspects for one single minute that you're sweating her again? You could put yourself right back at square one. Your mindset needs to be as follows: whether or not your ex calls, or talks to you, or even dates you again doesn't matter one bit. Your life goes on regardless of whether she chooses to be a part of it. When you can think that way, your ex can't help but want to be around you again.

Role reversal is a tremendous part of getting back together. Instead of shouting I want my girlfriend back from every rooftop, you should be creating an environment in which she wants to do the exact same thing. When your exgirlfriend wants you again, reconciliation is only a step away. And not only that, but when your ex comes back to you, you get the benefit of rebuilding your new relationship on mostly your own terms.

There are 4 Individual Steps necessary to Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend, so find out what they are! By learning to reactivate your ex's emotional bonds, you can reverse your breakup and put her back in your arms again!

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