Why Did My Girlfriend Break Up With Me?

It's a common question. And if you're asking it right now, you're already in the unfortunate position of being her ex boyfriend.

Why Girlfriend Dumped You

Yes, it sucks. But that's okay. The good news is there's always a way back into your ex girlfriend's heart. Every breakup has a reverse path; a step-by-step road that leads to reconciliation.

The bad news? It's not always easy to find it.

First and foremost, you need to understand why your girlfriend dumped you. Until you can do that, there's no hope of getting her back.

Worse, you might already think you know why this is. Your ex probably sat you down, refused to look you in the eye, and spouted off a whole list of reasons why you can't be together anymore.

And you had no reason not to believe her.

In truth though, a girl will very rarely give out the REAL reasons for the end of the relationship. Sure, if you cheated on her, or something big happened, it might actually be that cut and dry. But in most cases? Your girlfriend will instead list whatever reasons give her the easiest 'out'.

Yes, your girlfriend wants as painless a breakup as possible. If she gave you the real reasons, you might try to correct them. Only she doesn't want you to correct them. So she gives you a bunch of bullshit excuses in order to walk away as fast as possible.

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Broke Up With You

Below are a list of SEVEN standard reasons your girl cut you loose. Some are tough to hear, but if you keep an open and honest mind, you can make some really great strides toward finding out what you truly did wrong. And that's the first step along the path to winning her back.

You Were Way too Controlling Over Her

This is the first of the seven deadly sins that will kill any good relationship. Controlling your girlfriend is never possible, and always undesirable. It's a situation that quickly spirals out of control, causing lies and resentment on her end.

When you met her, your girlfriend had a life of her own. It's very possible that over the course of the relationship, she spent more and more time with you. This excluded things like family and friends, and/or limited the time she spent with them. As the romance wore on, you grew to expect a certain level of control over her. What she did, where she went, what time she got back... these things snuck up on you, and before you knew it, you were acting more like a parent than a boyfriend.

Every girl will grow to resent this. The more controlling you were, and the longer it went on, the more distant your ex felt from you. A controlling boyfriend will always get dumped, one way or the other. Be honest... was this you?

You Sought Her Approval Too Much (i.e. You Were Insecure)

This one is weird, but when it happens, it's a HUGE turnoff. Girls hate this type of behavior.

Were you constantly asking your girlfriend if she loved you? If she found you attractive? Were you always comparing yourself to her ex lovers, and making her tell you that you were "the best" she ever had at everything?

If the answer to those questions is yes, this is definitely one of the reasons she broke up with you. Girls want a guy who is strong and independent. A guy who is sure of himself. Confidence is KING.

You can't be confident if you're pestering her with dumb questions as to how good you're doing, or holding yourself up against past boyfriends in some kind of lame dick-measuring contest.

Insecurity is a relationship killer, especially in a boyfriend. Think about it. You're a MAN. You're supposed to be strong and look after your girl. How can you do those things if you're not even sure of yourself? How can you deserve her if you have to constantly ASK if you're deserving of her?

You Were a Jealous Asshole to Your Girlfriend

Insecurity comes in many forms, and the worst one is jealousy. If you were that crazy jealous boyfriend (and you know exactly the one I'm talking about), chances are good your ex dumped you because of it.

Honestly? No one ever thinks they're "that guy". It's hard to step back and examine yourself objectively. But if you really want your girlfriend back? Take a hard look at how you treated her in regards to being jealous.

Were you the type of boyfriend who wouldn't let his girlfriend even talk to other guys? The one who texted her every ten minutes to make sure she wasn't "doing anything"? The boyfriend who kept her home rather than letting her go out with her friends? Interrogated her when she got home?

Freedom is an important aspect of your girlfriend's social life. Give her the freedom to do what she wants and any loving girlfriend will always come back to you. But stifle her with the tremendous burden of unwanted jealousy? Eventually she's going to bolt.

There are 4 other huge mistakes (7 in total) that would cause her to break up with you as well. Learn what they are first, and then let's move forward.

How Can I Attract My Ex Girlfriend Back?

Alright, now that you know the main reasons why she broke up with you, we can concentrate on what you can do to make her come back.

First and foremost, your ex won't come back until she misses you first. There are a number of methods you can use to make her miss you, but one of the biggest techniques is through counter-rejection and withdrawal.

"Hey, listen, I thought about it a lot and you're right... we're better off apart.
I'm cool with that now. I wish you the best, and take care."

When your ex girlfriend hears these words, the running stops. There's no more reason to hide from you, because you've finally ACCEPTED THE BREAKUP.

This is all she ever wanted... or THINKS she wants. Because once you're no longer chasing her? Like magic, your ex girlfriend will not only stop running, but she'll actually start taking a few steps in your direction.

See, up until now, you've probably been acting like a wuss. Trying to "talk" to her. Telling her you can "explain" things if she'll only just sit down with her.

You used phrases like "give us another chance" and "fight for the relationship" and "things will be different". All that crap is only making you look weaker and weaker in her eyes, and therefore, MUCH less attractive. No girl wants a weak wuss of a boyfriend. Much less an ex boyfriend who's lamely trying to chase after her.

But now? In counter-rejecting her you've put yourself on her side. You've stopped exhibiting weakness and you've started showing strength. Strength is attractive. As is confidence, charisma, self-sufficiency and independence.

You're gonna need every one of those things to get your ex girlfriend back. Because your next steps will be:

Attract Ex Girlfriend
  • Withdrawing from your ex's life, to make her miss you
  • Enjoying your single life, to make her feel like she's missing out
  • Making your ex jealous; showing yourself as a high value, very datable guy
  • Ignoring your ex just long enough to make contact welcome again, and learning exactly when to contact her
  • Re-creating the original 'sparks' that made her fall in love with you - instant attraction techinques
  • What to say when you finally do meet up with your ex (i.e. executing the "Reunion Date")
  • Fixing the root cause of your breakup - learning clean slate techniques that allow you to start fresh with her again.

As you can see, winning back her heart doesn't happen all at once. Breaking up with you was a process. Your ex thought about this for a while before she brought it up to you, even though it probably hit you like a ton of bricks.

By the same token, fixing an unwanted breakup takes time as well. It's not a simple matter of "convincing her" through words. There are a set series of actions and emotional cues you need to set up in order to MAKE her see things the way they were, and how they could be in the future.

Most importantly, reversing any breakup requires a step by step plan. A plan of attack, if you will, showing you precisely when to move forward and when to hang back and wait for her to come to you.

How to Get Her Back For Good

Get Her Back for Good is an all-inclusive blueprint showing you EXACTLY what to do during the reconciliation process, and also WHEN to do it.

Relationship expert Dr. George Karanastasis takes you step by careful step through the entire process of getting your ex girlfriend to want, need, and eventually love you again - even more than she ever did before.

He shows you how to avoid the seven deadly mistakes that will always destroy your chances, along with the reconnection techniques needed to strengthen your existing emotional ties and get your ex girlfriend to see you the way she used to, back when all she had was an overwhelming desire for you.

The sooner you begin on the path to getting back together, the shorter that path will be. Waiting too long can close that window of opportunity, and make it nearly impossible to get back with the girl you love.

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